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How We Started

The Start

It started in the Trophy Club/Southlake area with the "OG" (Original Girl) Daisy Duke in 2016 known as Doodles of Daisy

It all began in the Trophy Club and Southlake areas with the "OG" (Original Girl) Daisy Duke (pictured) in 2016 when I won a bet with my beloved and competitive father who called Doodles "mutts" because he only bred AKC breeds. I told him he was missing the boat. We made a bet because I wanted to breed only F1b doodles and I needed a start with an F1 goldendoodle. I won the bet and he bred a litter for me. I chose a female, Daisy, who was my pick of the litter. He sold all 8 puppies from the doodle litter before selling one AKC Golden Retriever and the rest is history. Daisy had her first litter in 2016 and I have been breeding since that time. 

ATX Delightful Doodles was formed after the union of James and I when Daisy and I moved to Austin. Before we married, we bought Bandit Sue, F1 merle mini bernedoodle, to add to the line and we acquired Piper from my Dad because Daisy was being retired in February 2021.


James and I wanted to natural breed only so we decided to buy our first stud, JimBill. I also wanted to breed "Forever Puppies" aka Cavapoochons so we purchased Lucy Lou at the same time as purchasing JimBill and they arrived at DFW airport in the same crate delivered by a puppy nanny. After 2 years with only JimBill as our sire, we wanted to breed for parti (2 colored) doodles so we bought Norman. Norman was named after my Dad who we lost due to an accident in May of 2022. Then 4 months later, we lost my mom. Two days after mom passed, Linda Sue arrived, mom's namesake.  When I saw her lying with her red golden retriever mother, April, she was so red that I said to my sister, "If that red red puppy is a female, I want her and I am naming her Linda Sue. Mom always wanted that color of red hair." I had no clue at the time of seeing that litter that Linda Sue was also born on my birthday!

The only doodle breed Dad had not managed to get to breed was the cockerpoo. So, just before the final closeout of N&L Kennel, Dolly Sue was born to Raynee, a poodle, and Boy, a cocker spaniel so I could fulfill the doodle wish for my Dad. We are awaiting the first litter of cockerpoos in December 2023. 


We do raise our dogs ourselves. Yes, we have 8 dogs and they have free range from the fenced kennel backyard, to the house, and the fenced entire one-third acre. In an effort to keep it manageable in the house, we bring 2-4 dogs in nightly and they take turns. The one who begs to come in at night the most is definitely LucyLou because she acts very entitled!  All of our dogs are doggy door trained and  go to their forever homes with that training. 


There is no greater joy than watching people fall in love with our pups and make them a part of their family’s life. We also love getting pictures from our families who allow us to watch their puppies grow. 

We hope to help you find a doodle to fit perfectly into your family, too.


Wendee & James McLaren

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